This activity is thought to welcome other summer camps who want to organize a trip to the beach with their group and do a different and refreshing activity.

Around midday we offer you the opportunity to try a couple of nautical activities to enjoy the sea and the beach of El Prat. Enjoy a refreshing day out on the water!



Duration: Midday, from 12:30 am to 2:30 pm (prior reservation required)

The service includes:

- Lifejacket

- Use of locker rooms

- Instructors

- Boats

Minimum participants: between 4 and 40 students (for larger groups, consult)

Recommendations: Bring a swimsuit to prevent chafing, a Lycra or T-shirt to protect yourself from the sun, wetsuit booties if you have some, sun cream, cap and sunglasses (optional). Bring a backpack with everything you need to shower and plastic bag to keep your wet clothes. Also, bring a set of dry clothes to change into after the activity!

Price: on request