Activities in the natural environment and particularly water sports are ideal for acquiring personal and group values, and contribute to the development of school’s contents of different subjects, as well as basic skills. This is why we offer you a full week to learn how to sail different boats, understand the natural environment, and many more things. It’s a very enriching, fun and exciting experience for the students, and can be the beginning of a great hobby for many of them.



Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday

The service includes:

- Wetsuits

- Lifejacket

- Use of the locker rooms and lockers (must bring your own lock)

- Instructors

- Boats

- Sailing theory

Number of participants: groups of 12 to 90 students

Recommendations: Bring a swimsuit to wear underneath the wetsuit, a small water bottle, wetsuit booties if you have some, sun cream, gloves, cap and sunglasses (optional). Bring a backpack with everything you need to shower and plastic bag to keep your wet clothes.

Price: on request