Nautical title for those who want to drive a motor boat up to 8 meters in length and/or any type of jet ski, with adequate power for the boat without limitations, in both day and night time navegation up to 5 miles from any shelter spot. You can add the sailing option on these boats, taking additional sailing practices.

To get the PNB title, the following requirements must be met:

- Be of legal age or 16 years old (with parental authorization)

- Get a medical examination at a CRC (Driver Recognition Center)

- Give a passport photo





- 6 hours of theoretical knowledge, divided or intensive (there is exam)

- 8 hours of Navigation Safety

- 2 hours of Radiocommunications (8 hours in case of wanting to have a motor and sail license)

- 16 hours of sailing with no motor (to obtain the qualification to motor and sail)

The service includes:

- Theoretical examination (fees and management)

- School material (course book + exercise CD)

- Theoretical classes

- Practical sessions (2h radio + 8h Navigation Safety)

- License processing


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Minimum participants: 5 students

Price: From 349 €