You've completed a course, you know how to sail, but you don’t want to go out to sea alone? Do you want to try different boats? This quarterly activity offers you the possibility to continue sailing in a group, with the support of instructors, improve manoeuvres, techniques, etc., as well as sharing your experience and enjoying the sea with safety and good company.

Don’t think about it! It’s a great opportunity to continue enjoying the sea. Especially in winter!


Duration: Quarterly (18 hours). Two days a month (Saturdays or Sundays). Check calendar.

The service includes:

- Instructor

- Lifejacket

- Boat

- Use of locker room and locker (bring your lock)

Minimum participants: 3 students

Recommendations: Bring adequate neoprene to the conditions of each season. We recommend wearing scarves, gloves, windbreakers, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Price: from 150€/quarter