The Sailing Initiation is an activity of 2 or 3 hours (depending on the modality) that allows students of a school to discover sailing the sea environment.

The goal of this program is  experience the sea, sailing and nautical activities, to direct their leisure time towards healthier activities, such as water sports.


Duration: 2 or 3 hours

Activities: sailing + kayaking, paddle surfing or surfing to choose (depending on the conditions). There is also the possibility to include the introduction of theoretical concepts.

The service includes:

- Wetsuits

- Lifejacket

- Use of the locker rooms

- Instructors

- Boats

Number of participants: between 12 and 90 students.

Recommendations: Bring a swimsuit to wear underneath the wetsuit, a small water bottle, wetsuit booties if you have some, sun cream, gloves, cap and sunglasses (optional). Bring a backpack with everything you need to shower and a plastic bag to keep your wet clothes.

Price: From 12'60 € / student